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Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018
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Since 2007 the Swiss Federation is working to “make young” the national team, to  promote young talents and maintain the “Equipe Nationale” in the elite of the inline hockey. In 2011 the “Open European championship” will take place in Stegersbach (Austria), the Swiss national team will face front to different exciting challenge such as pick out almost half of new young players in its roster and for the first time compete against a north-American selection.
This means that in 2011 for the European championship the Swiss compared to past year’s results and to the commitment to devote the best of their talent and energy to the National team.


2010    2. place
2009    1. place
2008    3. place
2007    1. place
2006    2. place
2005    2. place
2004    1. place
2003    2. place
2002    1. place
2001    2. place
2000    3. place
1999    3. place


Berdat Michael        G
Friedli Raphael        G
Lambelet Stéphane    G
Vuilleumier Joël    G
Schnellmann Roger    G
Cerf Mathieu       
Dénervaud Cedric   
Fassora Aron       
Fleury David,         C
Koller Ludovic
Mattioni Sébastien   
Moor Diego       
Page Gilles       
Page Lionel       
Stammbach Olivier   
Stebler Alain
Weiss Emmanuel
Barraudy Thomas    
Carrard David

Chuard Dylan
Fassora Pietro
Jacquemai Patrice    A
Koulmey Sébastien
Menetrey Alain
Monney Florian
Müller Marcel
Muri Marcel
Spicher Jérémie
Vasile Daniel

Barozzi Luca, Head coach
Costantini Daniele, Assistant coach
Schrämmli Olivier, Goalie coach
Belladelli Domizia, Masseuse
Sciarini Christian, Equipm. manager
Orlando Christian, Equipm. manager
Sundermann Bernd, Team manager

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